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Salesforce development involves managing and changing metadata configurations and releasing them. It differs from a typical software development as it involves relatively less code writing. Because of its diversity, Salesforce development benefits immensely from rapid feedback cycles and quick resolution of issues.

DevOps for Salesforce development helps in instigating a continuous feedback loop from the customer, improving the quality of the application, business agility and IT responsiveness.

DevOps for Salesforce Application Development

Lean and Agile development methodologies are the nucleus of the DevOps paradigm. They enable businesses to quickly deliver applications using practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery, and Continuous Deployment.

This is how DevOps for Salesforce Application Development looks like:

Effective Collaboration and Communication

DevOps for Salesforce development transforms the way teams in the organization work by facilitating a cultural shift.It breaks down the silos among the development and operation teams, users, and business stakeholders. This enhances the business’ ability to deliver applications rapidly and gain a competitive edge.

Faster Feedback Loops

DevOps draws on the agile best practice of implementing a continuous feedback loop that focuses on improving the quality and operational stability of the application based on customer feedback. It helps the development teams to accelerate the feedback loop for the application that is delivered and enhance it further.

Automating the Deployment Pipeline

Automating Salesforce deployments helps in promoting the metadata code and configuration changes seamlessly to multiple Salesforce environments within a few clicks. Solutions that automate deployments improve the productivity of development and operation teams and help them improve application quality and stability.

Frequent Releases

DevOps for Salesforce development allows the development teams to release a limited set of features and enhancements to the end-user frequently. This is critical to collecting customer feedback and using it to enhance the application further.

Comprehensive release management tools offer technological support for enterprises to improve the release frequency. A leading Salesforce implementation partner has done just this and is able to accelerate the application release velocity to 400%. 

Shifting Left

The success of DevOps for Salesforce development strongly relies on moving the significant parts of the Salesforce application development like testing towards the beginning known as ‘Shift left’. It is the practice in which the development teams start testing the software build earlier in the development cycle instead of at the end. This practice drastically reduces the time between releases as it works towards problem prevention rather than detection. At Amazon, a leading American electronic commerce and cloud computing company, the development relies on developer testing and rollback.

AutoRABIT to Quickly Adopt DevOps for Salesforce Development

AutoRABIT fosters successful DevOps adoption for Salesforce development by offering maturity assessments, technology support, training, and coaching.

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